What is inspection Safe?

Inspection Safe is a brand new web based application to maintain lift shaft inspection reports in a safe, easy to use and fully compliant way

How does Inspection Safe Work?

Once you have Safegate lift shaft gates installed on your site, you will need to keep weekly inspection reports. Inspection Safe enables you to do this without the need for paper! You simply log in to your own private members area, select the site, level, and gate you want to inspect, use our simple traffic light system to describe the condition of the gate and leave any notes you want.

Is my data secure?

Yes absolutely! All your data is stored on our secured servers and is never shared with or sold to any third party

What happens to the inspection reports?

Once you save your inspection reports, a copy is sent to our administrator  and a copy is sent directly to you.

Does Inspection Safe work with any mobile device?

Yes! Inspection safe works on any smart phone or tablet with either wifi or 3G connectivity including Apple, Android and Blackberry

How do we communicate problems or issues?

Our system will allow us to notify you of any important changes or information as soon as you log into the system. You can also keep us updated of any issues or ask any questions through our reporting system. This way all the communications are kept in one safe and secure place.

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